Popular Models of GPS Running Watches

A running watch is a part of the modern day athlete. A good deviation from the traditional role of a watch, the gadget these days offers a lot more than just telling the time. With the technology evolving day by and and with the hype on health and fitness grows, the running watches too require the touch of the finest technologies available.

With the high level of competition in the market however, the consumer is always caught clueless, which is why we decided to step in to introduce you to three of the popular models of GPS running watches.

Popular Models of GPS Runners Watches

TomTom Runner GPS WatchTomTom Runner is a GPS sports watch, dedicated for runners who eye on improving their performance and a good way of doing that is to upload all the collected information to their Mysports website. Comes with a big display that’s easy when it comes to finding the data you want on the go.

This is ideal because not everyone wants to stop every once in a while to check their performance as that itself could be a hindrance. Available in grey and pink, it consists of a scratch resistant LCD display and a ‘One Touch’ control that surrounds the GPS receiver. Along the outline, there’s a line of 3 dots that will illuminate the display when pressed.

That would be essential if you plan on a late evening run. The rubber strap can be separated from the display and the control pad, in order to charge the watch. However, the in-built USB charging option is not there anymore and some might find it an issue. At 50g, the TomTom Runner watch consists of a built-in accelerometer and the sensors necessary to measure the likes of distance, pace, stride length lap records and calorie burn.

Vibration alerts are there just like in Nike+ Sportswatch to prompt the performance and even an alarm is included to make sure that the wake up in the morning is realized.

Garmin 110 GPS WatchGarmin Forerunner presents a running watch that’s simple and circular. With technology improving all the time, the GPS running watch finally started resembling a usual watch when it comes to the form factor. As for Forerunner 110(Click Here For a Review), the watch is targeted for the beginners who want to start their running and make a habit of it.

The FR 110 comes with a USB cable that helps charging as well as data transfer for later reviewing. If you don’t plan to hook it up with a computer or if you don’t have the access to a computer for charging, you can simply use the wall charger that comes with it to make sure that it’s powered up enough to provide you with uninterrupted data.

And the charging is pretty fast too. When it comes to data, it has only 4 basic areas of data that it would display. The heart rate, total distance, lap pace, as well as the current time and date. The 220 comes with a built-in accelerometer which makes sure that there’s no need to have a separate footpod to do the job. It can track data even when GPS is unavailable. The lithium -ion battery would last for about 10 hours on a single charge.

The watches come water and shock resistant and could memorize roughly 200 hours’ worth of data. Garmin makes several other models and are great options. The other two I recommend are the Garmin 620 and the Garmin 220. Read a review of the 620 here, and the 220 here.

Nike GPS SportwatchNike+ SportWatch is a watch that was produced with the help of Tom Tom. This water and shock resistant watch is known for giving accurate data when GPS signals are interrupted which is a case in indoor running. It gives 8 hours of run time with both GPS and sensors activated, and a 50 day stand-by power .Fortunately, it’s charged through USB cable unlike some of the models that don’t facilitate that.

Nikeplus website makes sure that running becomes a hobby and a means of online socialization as you could share your activities and achievements online with it. What’s more? It comes with personal coaching feature that lets you get your personal running records and achievements in a convenient manner.

Also equipped with Nike+ shoe sensor, that makes sure that every step you take doesn’t go unnoticed. It catches your distance, time, heart rate, pace as well as calories burned in order to get that comprehensive record of yours. However, the sensitivity of the tap feature is also improved to make sure that the runner can rely on his taps when he wants it and can rely on it when he doesn’t want it as well.

All this comes with the GPS mastery of Tom Tom combined, which makes sure that those favorite routes and personal running achievements are all recorded for your convenience and later utility. The watch gives the runners the option to have their metrics to auto loop with the new Nike+ SportWatch.The package includes Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike+ Sensor, a Quick-start Guide, a USB cable for hard to reach USB ports as well. The watch comes with a one year warranty as well.

Since a running watch is essential for today’s busy lifestyles to keep track of your health related performance, it’s best to go to a product that’s tried and tested. When it comes to the products that are taken into consideration above, those are some of the reliable ones that you can find in modern-day market which is full of all sorts of brands and products.